What Happens to Cars After Scrapping?

What Happens to Cars After Scrapping?

Car scrapping has been quite popular in India since the Government has announced the scrappage policy. Now car owners whose cars are not in running condition or they want to dispose of their cars due to any reason can contact car scrap dealers in Ahmedabad and get their cars scrapped. This will not only help them get rid of their old and unused cars which were taking the unnecessary space in their garage, but will also give them a good amount in exchange which they would have never got by selling to other people. But have you ever thought about what happens to your car after it goes to scrap yards? We will tell you in detail in this article step by step.

What Happens to Cars After Scrapping?

A car’s scrap value is determined via a number of damaging procedures. The automobile is first disassembled into its component parts. After that, the car parts are reduced to tiny fragments, which are then reduced to even smaller fragments until they no longer resemble anything at all. This procedure can affect any vehicle that has been taken off the road; it is not limited to antique cars.

There are several ways to recycle cars. Depending on when they were manufactured and the value of the materials inside the car, they may or may not be recycled. Even now, a lot of cars end up in landfills. Although this is unfortunate, things are moving forward more and more these days.

Steps involved in car scrapping

Chipping the Car
The car’s parts are prepared for sale to other businesses once they have been disassembled. We refer to this procedure as chipping. Using a grinding device known as a “chipping machine,” the car is chopped into tiny pieces. The scrap automobile parts are reduced by this machine into tiny enough fragments for other uses. Chipping is typically the last step in the disassembly process because it reduces the car’s size to make handling and storage simpler.

Sorting the parts
Sorting used auto parts is the next phase in the process of what happens to cars once they are scrapped. It is the process by which metal is isolated from non-metal auto parts. The metal components alone are valuable. Modern cars may have their metal recycled into other new cars or parts. A model’s metal may be sold for scrap if it is older than a few years. Sorting auto parts is a laborious, incredibly slow operation that calls for a high level of competence.

Crushing the car
The scrap dealers who disassembled the autos used to crush the cars right there on the spot. This meant that the car pieces were disposed of in a landfill and that only the metal scrap was collected. However, scrap merchants started selling the nonmetal pieces (including plastic, tires, and glass) to other businesses as landfill space became more and more valuable and metal prices soared. After that, the pieces are sent to the workshops of these other businesses so they can be transformed into new goods.

Recycling the parts
Recycling is the final process that’s done to cars once they are scrapped. After an automobile is disassembled and sorted, its parts are sold to other businesses. These businesses disassemble the components and sell them to businesses so they can be used to create new goods. The pieces are resold to car kabadi market Ahmedabad. In this way, the other materials that went into making the car are also recycled. The foam used in the seats to brand-new windshield wipers are examples of these recycled items.

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