Scrap Car Parts That Are Most Valuable

Scrap Car Parts That Are Most Valuable

Whenever your car approaches its end of life, not useful or no longer useful for selling, it becomes a scrap. Scrap cars can only take up a substantial space in your garage and help in the accumulation of bacterial growth and other poisonous species. If you do proper research, you will find out that selling your scrap car is not only beneficial for the environment but also good for your wallet. Scrap cars have many useful and valuable parts which can be specifically recycled to help the environment and make money. By making your scrap vehicles for sale, scrap yard owners make money and so do you. In order to make things more clear to you, we will discuss some of the most valuable parts of a scrap car which you can recycle and make good money.

Valuable metals in scrap cars

As you must be very well aware that no matter which car model you purchase, there are metals present in many of the parts. But, one thing you might not be knowing is that those metals are very valuable and recycling them separately can definitely help you make a lot of money. These parts are:

  1. Copper: One of the most in-demand metals is copper because of its conductivity and resistance to corrosion. Copper is in high demand and can be recycled for far more money than other metals that are frequently found. Copper can be found in radiators of the car as well as in the cables used.
  2. Aluminium: Aluminium is also frequently used in construction, such as when creating windows, automobiles, and other automotive equipment because of its lightweight nature. Aluminium can be found in engine radiators, wheels, bumpers, suspension parts, engine cylinder blocks, transmission bodies and body parts: the hoods, the doors and even the frame.
  3. Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is yet another popular and in-demand metal. It is frequently used in the building and automotive industries because of its toughness and resistance to corrosion. Stainless is increasingly used in car parts such as hose clamps, head gaskets, pump bodies, heat shields, windscreen wipers, airbag inflation-gas containers and seatbelt springs. This is due to its corrosion resistance, manufacturability and tough mechanical properties.
  4. Lead: Last but not least, lead is also valued despite being uncommon. It is highly controlled and poisonous. Prices are prone to change with ease. Car batteries are the primary usage for almost 90% of the lead produced. Lead acid batteries are used in hybrid and completely electric cars in addition to the car’s primary lithium or metal-hydride battery.

Valuable parts in scrap cars

Apart from costly and valuable metals, scrap cars have valuable parts as well which can be directly recycled or sold as used car parts online India to make money.

  1. Catalytic Converters: The components of the car that change exhaust into less dangerous emissions are called catalytic converters. A catalytic converter is a component found in every car manufactured after 1975 and is readily sold to a nearby scrap yard.
  2. Aluminium Radiators: A radiator is situated beneath the grill of a car and is readily removed. They are easily sold to a scrap metal firm because they are among the most valuable kinds of metals.
  3. Engine Blocks: Engines for cars are pricey. There are instances where replacing a car costs more money than purchasing a new one. Thus, you may quickly sell an old engine block that you no longer need and earn money.
  4. Batteries: Car batteries contain lots of lead inside, which can make a lot of money due to their rarity

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