The process of transforming waste materials into new and useable materials is known as recycling. This notion commonly includes the recovery of energy from waste materials.

ELV stands for “End of Life”, which means vehicles are not fairly registered or the registration has been cancelled. These vehicles are self-declared as waste vehicles due to any occurrences such as damage, natural disaster, riots & accidents, etc.

Traffic and Pollution are fairly increasing day by day. Thus, the government has made a new law to scrap ELV vehicles for the security of road & pollution. As the stewards of the environment, we supervise conserving and protecting our resources for ourselves and our future generations.

The primary focus of CMR-KATARIA is to carefully dispose of and recycle car scrap. We discard and recycle a car legally and navigate towards the vision of ‘Make in India’. We handle hazardous material safely to reduce harm to the environment and scrap workers.

CMR-Kataria Recycling Pvt. Ltd. Dis-constructs your vehicles, resells any functional parts present, and scraps the rest. This is our ONLY objective. We lawfully assurance that we will not resell or use it for any other intention.

You can choose to:

  • Scrap your ELV with a registered scrapping company.
  • Sell to traders/buyers outside (This is illegal and extremely unsafe).

There is no categorised & professional automobile recycling unit in Gujarat. CMR- Kataria Recycling focuses on changing this industry and becoming the captain of automobile recycling in Gujarat.

Yes, we accept such vehicles. Our staff will examine your car & after that, the best price will be provided compared to the market utility.

The vehicle owner should submit the Vehicle’s RC Book, Address Proof, Pan Card of the owner, and cancelled cheque (for payment purpose only) along with the car keys.

In case of inheritance, the death certificate of the registered owner accompanied with any proof of Succession.

An undertaking from the owner/representative, indicating that vehicle has no pending criminal record or litigation.

Digital photograph of the owner or authorized representative physically handing over the ELV to the Registered Scrapper.

The Registered Scrapper shall accept self-certified copies from the owner or through authorized representative of the above documents.

Note:- Required documents also depend on Customer type(Government, Police, Insurance etc.). For more information please contact to us.

Yes, a registration document doesn’t have to be valid to scrap/recycle a vehicle.

We will evaluate your ELV based on the Vehicle’s year, model, location, condition, manufacturing date & more. The team gives the final presented value after a physical assessment of your Vehicle. The offer will be reasonable & accurate.

The settlement will be paid to the vehicle owner through cheque, NEFT, RTGS transfer procedure.

All personal belongings should be separated before submitting them to us. A given video or picture to recall old senses is preferable.

The authorised recycler gives you a receipt containing pick-up and payment information required to sign on documents. Moreover, we’ll also issue you a “certificate of Deposit” of your ELV.

“Certificate of Deposit” means the proof imparted by the CMR-KATARIA to grant the transfer of ownership of the Vehicle from the indicated owner to the Authorized Scrapper for more treatment. It is mandatory for the owner to avail stimulants and welfares to purchase a new vehicle as circulated from time to time. The document will be tradable and, once used, stampedes “CANCELLED” by the agency, providing satisfaction to the certificate holder.

We guarantee your Vehicle’s responsibility after submission. Your Vehicle will be recycled with the newest scientific technology in an environment-friendly manner by us. Hazardous fluids and materials will be removed, followed by dismantling them into different metals. To know more about the CMR-KATARIA process, CLICK HERE.

Yes, the RTO authority will be enlightened about your vehicle scrapping. But don’t worry, we’ll take care of the entire procedure. We’ll send the dismantling documents to the Authorized RTO after fully dismantling your Vehicle.

You can pick your car within TWO working days based on your preferable time after finalising the price.

Yes! CMR-KATARIA will provide a Certificate of Dismantling to the vehicle owner, which will have details of the Vehicle & the date of recycling. We prepare chassis number cutting detail if you need them.

To stop fraud, CMR-KATARIA receives vehicles only from the submitted owner. The settlement will be assigned to the registered owner of the vehicle.

Yes, You can. CMR-KATARIA will grant you the chassis cut-out portion along with a message that we have discarded your ELV. You can clutch this, go to the RTO, fill in the mandatory documents, and get your ELV de-registered. It’s a lengthy and tiring process. But it can be done individually. CMR-KATARIA Recycling imparts this service at no cost.

Industrial Recycling is the process of collecting and reusing waste products from the home, industry, agriculture, and business, and thereby reducing their burden on the environment.

Industrial Recycling saves you money by reducing the expenses of disposing of unused materials and by-products. Recycling can offer you a consistent and reliable source of income. It can help your company meet its environmental goals while also improving its reputation with local governments and the community at large.