CMR-KATARIA is one of India’s largest authorized unit dedicated to scrapping and deregistration of End-of-Life (ELV). Using the recycling process, we have a vision to make roads safer and environment clean. At CMR-KATARIA, we offer a hassle-free recycling process, for vehicles, industrial scrap, and refurbished spare parts. Our goal is to serve the best quality scrap to buyers, suppliers, and dealers at every possible location pan India. We take delight in providing customized solutions to satisfy each client’s requirements.

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Want to save money? CMR-KATARIA is a fast-growing network for selling used car spare parts online in India & offers the best quality auto parts the customer requires. CMR-Kataria offers a wide range of high-grade auto parts disassembled from ELV at competitive prices. We contribute to Auto-industry by providing the best quality scrap and auto parts at affordable rates. CMR-Kataria believes in serving quality to the Automobile and auto-component Industry.

Below are the auto-parts we sell-


CMR-Kataria firmly believes in optimum extraction of scrap from ELV. We not only extract Auto-parts from scrap but also segregate below from ELVs and further sell it to industrial buyers.

Why Scrapping Your Vehicle is a Smart Choice in India

As a vehicle owner, you might find it easier to scrap your car rather than deal with the hassle of moving it to another state. Choosing to scrap an old vehicle is one of the safest solutions. This ensures that the vehicle will be dismantled and recycled properly, making it impossible for it to be used in any illegal activities.

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Why Trusting Unofficial Scrappers Can Be Risky in India

When vehicles reach the end of their useful lives, they create tons of waste. These hazardous vehicles often end up at unauthorized scrap markets across the country. Unregulated by any government body, such unauthorized scrap traders pose a threat to both the environment and public health.

Lack of Proper Paperwork

These traders don't follow legitimate processes for deregistering, destroying, and disposing of industrial scrap for sale or scrap vehicles for sale. As a result, no paper trail is maintained to track their status.

Dishonest Activities

Many times, vehicles that are supposed to be scrapped are found running illegally on the road, polluting the air.

Illegal Activities

Scrap vehicles for sale are often used in various types of criminal activities, leading to harassment of the actual owner of the vehicle.

Unsafe Disposal

Places that are inadequately equipped to handle hazardous components or fluids pose significant risks during disposal.

Considering these risks, it’s crucial to discard motor waste correctly when scrapping such “rusting in peace” vehicles. Thankfully, the Government of India has proposed a policy that promotes a viable regime for recycling End-of-Life Vehicles (ELVs) through a sustainable automotive recycling process.

This vehicle scrapping policy aims to remove ELVs from the road by establishing authorized dismantling centers under a structured framework. At these standardized vehicle dismantling centers, a significant amount of material is reused through proper salvaging, offsetting the production of new steel. By choosing authorized listed vehicle scrapping facilities, you contribute to a more sustainable and organized automotive recycling process in India.

Why should you scrap your vehicle?

Instead of going through the inconvenience of relocating the car to another state, the owner may elect to scrap it by going to scrap vehicles for sale in India. Scrapping a used car is one of the safest solutions. This ensures that the car will be disassembled and recycled. It is completely unlikely that it would also be used for illegal activities.

Factors for valuation of your scrap vehicle

There are a number of factors that affect the valuation of your car and you can get better value at scrap vehicles for sale . Scrap Metal Rate, Vehicle Condition, distance from the scrapping facility, availability of vital parts and condition of your vehicle parts.


The chassis number plate and all hazardous materials are removed. All the parts are inspected properly and the most valuable ones are kept safe so that they can be sold in the market later. It is ensured that the parts cannot be reused for illegal purposes.

From writing a letter to the concerned RTO, to surrendering all the original documents, there are many rules made by the RTO for scrap cars in India. The rules seem complicated initially but are very simple and can be completed within 3-4 days and you can proceed with scrap.

You may be eligible for a road tax break of up to 25% for non-commercial vehicles and 15% for commercial vehicles if you scrap your old vehicle. Auto OEM discount as per the discretion of auto OEM dealers.

The goal of the policy is to gradually phase out vehicles that are over 15-20 years old and to promote the acquisition of new ones. The plan will contribute to organising the dispersed and hazy automobile scrappage techniques. It is also anticipated to accelerate the lagging vehicle sales following COVID’19.


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