You probably already know that anything made of metal is recyclable. However, you might not be aware that the presence of a motor is a dead giveaway that an object contains recyclable metal. Everything, from your outdated leaf blower to your faulty desk fan, falls under this category. As much as the concept of used car spare parts online India is rising, let’s find out the five things with motors that can be recycled.

Before we proceed, know that anything with a motor within is recyclable. The blades that are affixed to the motor may be composed of plastic, wood, or another substance. However, the actual motor must be constructed of metal. To understand the concept better, you can also reach out to vehicle scrapping companies in India.

It’s a sizable category. Naturally, there are the freestanding fans that come to mind when cooling a room. When it’s time to replace them, desk, standing, and ceiling fans can all be recycled. Fans are also used by other household items. Any device that compresses or blows air contains a fan. Your space heaters, hair dryers, and leaf blowers all have fans. Even your computer has a fan inside; it depends on this to prevent overheating. If you had to replace the fan, you can recycle the complete computer tower. You can recycle many of the little appliances in your home that have fans in them.

Garage Door openers
Every day, you undoubtedly use a motor to open and close your garage door. A motor powers almost any device that relies on wheels, chains, and gears, such as a garage door opener. That’s fantastic news since it means you won’t have to throw away your garage door opener if it goes down and you can’t fix it. The complete unit, including the motor, chains, and rails, may be recycled. Garage doors made of steel and aluminium can also be recycled.

Kitchen Appliances
In many households, the kitchen serves as the central location for recycling, where materials like food packaging and newspaper are segregated from other trash. Everything from the kitchen sink to many of your favourite cooking and cleaning items are composed of metal, even though you probably don’t give them much thought. Additionally, several of them have motors. Almost all of the kitchen’s tiny appliances can be repurposed as well. The motors of your stand mixers, blenders, and egg beaters may all be recycled. The general rule is that an object has a motor if it requires power and contains components that spin or vibrate. Additionally, if it has a motor, it can be recycled.

The majority of pumps we use today are powered by motors. The tiny pumps that are used in aquariums to move air are powered by motors and are recyclable. The pumps in some medical equipment can also be recycled.
A sump pump may be installed on your property to drain the water that gathers around the foundation of your house. You might also have a well pump or a sewage pump, relying on your house. All of those pumps have motors. They are typically built to last for a very long period. You can bring them to the scrap yard for recycling if they do break down though.

Washers, dryers and dishwashers
Washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers are larger household equipment that are all motorised. Large appliances can be recycled as a whole, but if you’ve had to replace or fix any individual parts, you probably can also get rid of those.

Do we need to remove the motor part?

The quick answer is that it usually isn’t worthwhile. Take the motor out of your machines before recycling them if you’re fairly handy and comfortable working with electrical items and you want to keep the remainder of the unit. To attempt to disassemble something on your own can occasionally even be deadly. Leaving the entire machine in its current state is often acceptable.