10 Myths Uncovered About Commercial Vehicle Scrapping in India

10 Myths Uncovered About Commercial Vehicle Scrapping in India

In the upcoming years, commercial vehicle scrapping in India will become more organised and methodical. The Indian Government’s 2021 announcement of its New Vehicle Scrappage Policy deserves all the credit. There is a rise in registered vehicle scrapping facility and people in India are becoming more accustomed to the idea of dealing with a scrap automobile. There are plenty of benefits when you opt for scrap vehicles for sale; and in this article, we will find out about the myths associated with this practice

Myths About Commercial Vehicle Scrapping in India

They do not accept wrecked vehicles

Your scrap car will be accepted by reputable scrap car buyers in any condition. Therefore, don’t be duped by notions that suggest otherwise.

Parts of Totalled Commercial Scrap Vehicle can’t be taken

The idea that a commercial vehicle is fully destroyed if it is wrecked is untrue. You might predict that there won’t be many salvageable components left for your car. You should be aware that “Totaling an automobile” and “Damage done to a car” are not at all related concepts. In actuality, it’s a phrase used in the insurance industry when the cost of repairs or damages approaches or exceeds the worth of your car.

You will get negligible value

You might think that a commercial scrap car that has seen better days is useless. Inside, the still-functioning components can be sold and recovered. Recycling used cars can also benefit the automotive sector. The New Vehicle Scrappage Policy in India provides appealing incentives for owners of commercial trash vehicles. If you decide to scrap your car, you may be eligible for discounts on new car purchases, a road tax rebate, etc.

Keeping your scrap vehicle in garage stops pollution

Your junk car will still be considered dangerous even if it is parked in a garage or another location. This is because it contains harmful contaminants including engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, and battery acids. These dangerous substances eventually leak and seep into the soil, where they combine with water and contaminate it.

You think it is still driveable

It doesn’t imply you’re sitting on a gold mine if your car is too old but still drivable. You ought to let something go when it no longer functions to its full potential.

Not possible to sell you commercial vehicle once it is old

It’s true that a local junk dealer can tell you that your business scrap vehicle is worthless if you try to sell it to him. Such ploys are never done by a trustworthy scrap auto dealer. They assist the car industry and make a huge contribution to saving the environment by recycling end-of-life vehicles.

Scrapyard is a scary place

You’ve probably seen sequences in movies when a junkyard for cars is portrayed as a dangerous location where animals lurk. In actuality, yards are ordered, and each and every activity is carefully observed. Everything is done with the highest safety, from scrapping to recycling end-of-life vehicles.

Odometer can say everything

You’re wrong if you believe the information displayed by your business vehicle’s odometer to be accurate. You’re mistaken once more if you think that figuring out your car’s mileage is the sole way to tell if it’s crap or not. It is a wise decision to check more than just the odometer while inspecting your car.

Can get more money by dismantling the vehicle parts yourself

Don’t you think it would be better to invest your time in more worthwhile pursuits? Your business scrap vehicle will be disassembled and processed further for end-of-life vehicle recycling by a professional scrap auto dealer. A-Grade machinery is used for the entire process.

There are hidden costs involved

A legitimate scrap car dealer like us ensures that nothing as such happens. We have kept the entire junk vehicle scrapping process transparent and won’t sting you with any additional charges that are deemed as hidden costs.